8 weeks in & back to the blog!

8 weeks in & back to the blog!

We have been in Singapore for 8 WHOLE weeks. And I haven’t posted on love and noodles since week 1!

So here is why I never got on a roll with the whole blogging thing, and why I’m ready to pick it up now.

Sorry y’all, this is a long one!

A few basic reasons why I haven’t kept up with the blog:

super busy with work! J and I gave ourselves almost no time to settle in – we both started working [at extremely fast paced jobs] literally the morning after I arrived in Singapore. The wisest choice? Maybe not, although it wasn’t entirely our decision – both of our employers certainly played a factor. Either way, it was go-go-go from the get go, with little down time.

shaky wi-fi situation. For our first full month here we lived in a hotel room. The tiniest hotel room known to man, but that’s another story. And the wi-fi situation there was NOT ideal – “shaky” is kind. Then for the next two weeks, we had moved into our condo, but the wi-fi hadn’t actually been installed yet. So wi-fi during free time went from shaky to non-existent.

we were exploring! traveling! settling in! and tired. Particularly in the time we were living in the teeny hotel room, we weren’t hanging out in the room much – no time to blog! We were checking out new restaurants, finding a neighborhood we liked to hang out in, and traveling in Singapore and beyond. And all that exploring was exhausting!

Those excuses – all true – are pretty surface. I could have just gone to a Starbucks to get internet. A deeper answer:

Singapore just wasn’t exactly what we expected at first. And I guess I didn’t post because – that would have been really hard for me to admit on here.

It could be “the instagram effect”. See, on instagram, it’s really really  easy to make things look picture perfect. There are literally filters that make the sky look bluer, the sun brighter. And I think in this social media driven world that we’ve all gotten so accustomed to, that can mistakenly become the expectation. Mistakenly, that’s what I wanted this blog to be.

In the first few weeks here, I was unexpectedly homesick, getting lost all the time, sweating buckets in the humidity (still true), and working hours were longer than I had expected. My body was adjusting to a totally new diet, Singapore wasn’t quite as English-friendly as everyone claimed, we found the excess of malls completely disenchanting, and it took what felt like ages to move out of the hotel.

I just wasn’t ready to share those feelings. I had wanted to show myself on the instagram-ready stage of Singapore, playing the culture-lover trying local foods; the adventurous backpacker in the jungle; the chic expat on Club Street (which I am, btw. JK.)

All of social media is stage and all of us are merely players.

Don’t get me wrong though – it was never all bad! J and I have adored the chance to live together and spend so much time with each other after years of long distance. We’ve loved all the travel opportunities. In particular, these last few weeks since we moved in to our new place have been amazing!

So I’m back, baby!

Because with the last few weeks we’ve had, I’m dying to share so many things. Our new condo and neighborhood – we adore it. Our trip to Bali! One of our favorite nights in Singapore so far two weekends ago – the F1 night race with BON JOVI!

And also because, as I’ve gotten more confident and comfortable here every day, I’ve realized that it’s ok for this blog to be more honest than any instagram. I’m ready to show you a mix of the amazing – and the not so amazing. Because there’s usually at least a little bit of both. Even on the roughest days I’ve had here, there’s always been some good – even if it’s just knowing that I get to see J when I get home at the end of the day.

Lots of love (and noodles) and more posts to come,



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