Bali Sunsets

Bali Sunsets

As promised, picking back up on the blogging right away! But I never promised I’d go in chronological order…

So just last weekend we got to spend three days in Bali! It was such an incredible trip to an amazing, beautiful island with the friendliest people we’ve met so far. As we tend to do, we rushed around the whole time to try to see as much as possible in our short time there, but one thing we did slow down for was sunset each night.

It was one of my favorite things we did on the trip – each night, three nights in a row,  we got to enjoy the entirety of an amazing sunset. We truly just sat and watched every moment, from those gorgeous golden hours when the sun was very much still a fiery ball in the sky all the way until it dipped below the horizon leaving the sky streaked purple and pink.

Even better, we got to see it in three different locations, so we had three different beautiful views to take in.

Night one – swingin’ sunset on Gili T

sunset swings ocean Gili Trawangan Lombok Indonesia Hotel Ombak Sunset

We spent our first partial day and full night on Gili Trawangan island, affectionately known as Gili T. The island has two sister islands, Gili Air and Gili Meno, and all three are technically part of Lombok, Indonesia. But lots of people consider them part of a Bali trip, as did we. I promise to do a whole Gili T post (and will link it here when it’s done) but for now, the sunset.

On Gili T we actually stayed in a hotel that’s known as a sunset viewing spot! It was really cute, there were tons of brightly colored beanbags set up all along the hotel’s beachfront specifically for sunset watchers. Called the Hotel Ombak Sunset, it is located on the much quieter western coast of the island that boasts an amazing view of … A VOLCANO. Bali’s Mount Agung Volcano, to be exact. The sun set directly behind the volcano, making the silhouette stand out magnificently.


Another fun addition to this sunset was the swings. Really as a touristy photo op, the hotel has set up a couple of these big wooden swing sets out in the water just in front of the sunset viewing beach. Cheesy? Extremely. But still a fun photo op!

Night two – temple sunset at Tanah Lot

love and noodles at Tanah Lot Temple sunset Bali Indonesia waves crashing

Day 2 was “back to the mainland” – but actually, just over to a bigger island – Bali! We spent the day in and around Ubud with a great guide/driver/new friend Panca, who took us to Tanah Lot temple for the sunset. This was a very popular tourist spot, but not in a nasty tourist trap way; it is truly a genuinely beautiful and spiritual spot that many people, tourists and locals alike, all want to visit. One of those places that fit this phrase J and I say sometimes:  “Some places are touristy for a good reason.”

sunset at Tanah Lot temple Bali Indonesia

Located on the west coast of Bali, Tanah Lot is a Hindu temple situated on a rock formation that juts out into the sea. We learned Tanah Lot means “land in the sea” (thanks Panca!) which describes our experience perfectly; we spent the time before the sunset walking around on the rocky areas below the cliff-top temple and had huge waves splashing up around us and flooding the walkway between land and temple, so eventually the temple really was out in the sea. It was incredibly cool.

love and noodles on the rocks at Tanah Lot temple Bali Indonesia sunset   waves crashing at Tanah Lot temple surfers Bali indonesia sunset spot

For the actual sunset, we walked up and found a great seat atop a cliff just to the north of Tanah Lot. We watched the sun set over the ocean with huge waves still crashing against the cliffs below us. There were two surfers taking advantage and doing a sunset surf, which was so much fun to watch and photograph! J enjoyed a couple of Bintangs (Indonesian beer) as the sun dipped low. Right when the sun went out of view completely, hundreds and hundreds of bats rushed out from a cave in one of the cliffs and flew overhead! It was spectacular to watch all the tiny black dots against the pink and orange sky.

bats flying out at sunset tanah lot temple bali indonesia   bats tanah lot temple sunset bali indonesia

Night three – surfer sunset at Balangan Beach

Bali Indonesia best sunset Balangan Beach surfers paradise

Our third day in Bali was the most low-key, and we spent all day at a secret little surfer cove – Balangan beach. This area had massive cliffs but also a long strip of white sand – which ended up being perfect for us, as we enjoyed the beach during the day and then watched the sunset from the cliffs at night.

Balangan beach sunset bali indonesia   sunset on the cliffs at Balangan beach amazing Bali Indonesia surfers

Conveniently our bungalow was situated on the cliff side so we just walked a very short distance to get a great viewing spot. Unsurprisingly there were tons of surfers during this sunset, again fun to watch, plus lots of other boats sailing or motoring around which looked so nice against the horizon as the sun went down.

love and noodles sunset photo cliffs balangan beach bali indonesia love and noodles amazing bali sunset indonesia balangan beach

Overall, 3 AMAZING sunset spots in Bali that I would highly recommend!

  1. Beachside at Ombak Sunset Hotel, Gili T, Lombok
  2. Cliffs at Tanah Lot temple, Bali
  3. Cliff at Balangan beach (all the way at the very end of Jl. Pantai Balangan), Bali

Love (and noodles),


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