Hello Singapura

Hello Singapura

Hello from Singapore!

I’ve been here for almost exactly a day now, and am definitely feeling overwhelmed. In a good way! It’s hard to believe it was such a short time ago that I was posting on love and noodles from Doha, because SO much has happened since…

Qatar to SG

This plane ride was wonderful! Interestingly, even though I was still on Qatar Airways, this leg of the trip was much nicer than the first. It was a newer aircraft, which came with an even better entertainment system and two great meals.

Plane window view flying into Singapore

Another huge plus were my seat mates. I was seated next to two Russian guys in their late twenties. They were traveling with two other friends seated behind us, a recently married couple. The whole group was from St. Petersburg, and even though I speak zero Russian and they spoke little English, we managed to chat a lot!

This is my absolute favorite part about travel – meeting new people from other parts of the world, and learning from each other. I’m proud to say I introduced them to – what else – goldfish! I also helped them fill out their immigration forms, which was a funny exercise considering the language barrier. Meeting them truly made the flight so great. We’re now Instagram friends! I’ll tag Ivan in a @loveandnoodles insta post so hopefully he checks out this shout out 🙂

Arriving in Singapore

The Singapore Changi airport completely lived up to its titles (for those not in the know, it’s the “world’s most awarded airport”). Extremely clean and well run, and customs was a breeze. Thank goodness! The shuttle service took me directly to my hotel and was inexpensive and quick.

I even got to make some more friends – there was a French family on the shuttle who were in Singapore on vacation. Je parle un peu de français, donc nous parlons pendant le voyage!

All of us spent the entire ride in awe of our gorgeous surroundings. The area from Changi airport to the city was incredibly lush, with palm trees, bright flowers, and just tons of greenery all around. We also passed beaches on the left; the quick glimpses of water I saw were shimmering bright turquoise. There was so much we passed that I want to get back to – plenty of public parks, lots of eateries on the beach, the National Sailing center! My to do list grows…

My first glimpse of the Marina Bay area Singapore

I’ll leave off here and keep this as just an “in transit” post. But keep an eye on this space – next post I’ll talk about what James and I did on my first day: slurping noodles in a hawker center, hours and hours spent house hunting, and exploring the famous Orchard Road!

love (and noodles),

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