Greetings from Doha

Greetings from Doha

Hi all!

So remember when I said the next love and noodles¬†post would be from Singapore? Scratch that. Greetings from Doha, Qatar! My layover is a bit longer than expected, so I figured I’d update y’all here while I had the chance.

DC to Doha

15 hours of travel down, only 9 more to go! Some highlights/lowlights from the 12+ hr flight from DC to Doha:

  • Qatar Airways lives up to the hype for excellent customer service. Even for us peasants in coach, the flight attendants were incredibly attentive and helpful. And their entertainment system was fabulous – not at all glitchy like I’ve experienced on other airlines, and offered an extremely robust selection. I watched at least 6 episodes of Friends.
  • Did not make friends with my seatmate. If you want the story, feel free to message me – I am not putting it on the blog, but I’ll share offline. Truly one of the worst travel experiences of my existence.
  • Before I left my mom insisted on getting me one of those neck pillows. I swore they were embarrassing and I would look foolish wearing it. She swore it would be the most comfortable thing ever and that I’d wear it the entirety of the flight. We were both 100% correct.
  • Met a 15yr old boy in the bathroom line – who told me I was beautiful and asked to kiss me. #killinit


Cool design element in the Doha, Qatar airport

Now I’m hanging in the Doha airport for the next hour or so until the flight to Singapore. SO excited to be done with this long travel day, see my new home for the first time, and see James for the first time in way too long!

Love (and noodles),

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