in search of NOODLES: Albert Centre

in search of NOODLES: Albert Centre

Hello hello from love and noodles!

Sorry for a couple of days of quiet – we really dove in headfirst to working life here in Singapore, so we have been incredibly busy! Hopefully the love and noodles insta feed has kept y’all up to date on at least the highlights of the last couple days. But now I’m playing catch up – so let’s take it back to Day 1.

Day 1 part 1 – noodles!

In the morning I arrived in Singapore and took the shuttle to our hotel. This is home for the next 3 weeks while we get a more permanent residence all set up. Our room, while perfectly lovely, is not too spacious. Think – no drawers. At all. Not even one measly drawer in a bedside table. Immediately became clear: I’m living out of a suitcase for a few weeks!

We quickly stepped out of the hotel, though, and headed to lunch at a Hawker Centre. There’s one not even a block away from our hotel. I had heard so much about these prior to my arrival that I was thrilled we went there for my first taste of Singapore. They’re prepared food markets (sometimes open air, sometimes indoor) where dozens of different vendors in individual stalls sell very inexpensive, and usually very local, foods.

Trying Yong Tau Foo

James and I had the same idea when we walked in; we looked at the stall with the longest line of locals and made a beeline! We ended up having a noodle soup from a stall called 百年 which (I now know) means “century” or “lifetime” in Chinese!

love and noodles hawker center albert centre

The soup dish was called Yong Tau Foo. It had a very delicate broth that mostly took on the flavors of the other elements in the dish. The noodles were beehoon noodles; incredibly thin noodles that are a pure white color. They’re one of the healthier types of noodles because they aren’t thick, gummy, or (at least not in this dish, I don’t think) fried.

love and noodles - noodle bowl albert centre

The noodles were topped with all the goodies that really made the soup great – two pink, fresh-tasting prawn balls, a large and extremely flavorful pork meatball, and lots of other little bits too! I honestly have no idea everything we were eating but we really enjoyed it. It was the perfect first meal, very “love and noodles”!



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