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We’re Emily and James – a husband & wife living a nomad life! For us, living life to the fullest means seeking out travel, adventures, and noodles…LOTS of noodles. We adore exploring new places and sharing our experiences with y’all.

I’m Emily, and I do most of the blogging around here, but look out for James in plenty of photo appearances – and maybe I’ll convince him to write a guest post one of these days!

credit: Rosanna U


Why did you start a blog?

Love and noodles was born in August 2015 as a way to document our first big move – to Singapore! During our six months there, we traveled as much as we could, explored Singapore, tried every type of noodle you could ever imagine, and we got engaged (Oct 2, 2015)!

Why love and noodles?

“Love and noodles” was the answer to a question. When James asked me to move to Singapore with him, I was so excited about the opportunity – the travel, the adventures, the chance to try tons of delicious food…and most importantly, doing it all by James’ side! Some friends and family thought it was a little nuts that I was moving across the world, so they asked “Why?!”. 

My answer: “For love…and noodles!”

How do you travel so much?

James’ job is what took us to Singapore on our first big adventure, and it still keeps us moving around a ton. About every four months we settle in a new location. We try to really soak up every temporary hometown, as well as spend time traveling in the surrounding areas (or basically anywhere we can snag a sweet flight deal). Suffice to say, we’ve both definitely caught the travel bug. It’s a pretty unconventional life, but we love the adventure!

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This site’s main header photo shot by the incredible Rosanna U – a fantastic photographer and extremely fun travel buddy! Check her out at http://www.rosannau.com/
Unless otherwise noted, all other photography on the site by Emily or James! 


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